Some Youtube Channels on Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming

I will post a few YouTube channels I have found useful for astral projection and lucid dreaming. They won´t make it happen for you but im very certain that these will help in some way.

Susannah Is This A Dream


This channel has a variety of audios for you to listen before you sleep. Not all of them are for sleeping since many lucid dreaming and AP techniques are done after sleeping. The channel itself offers walkthroughs of these techniques in different levels of experience. About the voice, I am not sure if it is ASMR or just very relaxing.

Ryan Cropper


This guy mostly talks about AP experiences. Some of them sound way too crazy for me but here it is, some guy who claims being to the moon and other secret places while astral projecting.

Koi Fresco


This channel is not only about AP and lucid dreaming, it also offers content on spiritual growth as he calls it. I find the channel friendly and interesting as it has a lot of hindu influence.

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