Diabulus in News: Dark Christmas

The musical Anna and the Apocalypse, which was released 1 year ago in the UK and US cinemas, has had an approval by the viewers and critics. It is a film with a Christmas theme but induced in the horror genre, creating some type of comedy. I have not watched it myself but it sounds like a Zombieland mood. 

Since the theme remains as Christmas we can start to think about how the horror genre is moving to other niches. It is not just Halloween anymore. We are still looking at some seasonal horror but it is also definitely good news to the spread of horror.

“The season just heightens that emotion. We all relate to Christmas and understand it. The themes also focus on teenagers dealing with death because, when you hit that age, it’s like you’re told that Santa Claus isn’t real and that death is everywhere. When I was making this film, I wanted to make this generation’s Gremlins – the anti-Christmas movie you could put on and still feel good afterwards. It doesn’t make you feel horrible or rotten.” – McPhail (Director)


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