My experience on astral traveling/projection

Im pretty sure astral traveling is something most of us know about. Theres countless of information around the web that offers even detailed instructions on how to do it.

In my experience, everything has failed. I have been trying for years with no positive results. But that doesn’t mean I have not learned anything about the nature of the subject. I will enlist my knowledge about my experience.

  • If you stop moving for more than 30 minutes you will start to stop feeling your body. Your mind remains.
  • It is easier to achieve if you are well rested.
  • There is a point when you are about to fall asleep. I do not know what happens if you succeed staying awake and relaxed.
  • I have gotten to a point where I feel surrounded by strange vibrations, I do not know how else to describe them.

If you are reading this and have any suggestions on the topic please feel free to comment. I will try to go deeper into the subject in the future.


  1. It is demonic. I have had experience with this prior to coming to Christ and renouncing all occult activity. Thank you for following my blog.


      1. Not at the moment. No time. I do plan a blog on it but in meantime I urge you to come out of dark things which only lead to destruction long term.


  2. It is not demonic. That is utter bullshit! If you want to learn the truth about this subject, read anything at all Robert Monroe has to say. Then study Robert Bruce’s book Astral Dynamics. I guarantee the techniques described in this book will get you out of your body. Those vibrations? You were about to exit your body, but you got distracted and pulled back. Seriously. Not evil, not even close.


  3. Not demonic! in fact that buzzing vibration happens at least once to most who have experienced astral travel. It indicates you were halfway out and pulled back in. When you are more relaxed about it, and don’t try to control your exit, you’ll easily lift out without the vibration.


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